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    • Posted on November 22.2014 - Development
    • We have given away more than 10.000 Riot points codes, thing that is simply amazing! We want to thank all of you for using our website as your Riot points codes provider and of course thank you for completing those offers. We do not get those riot points codes for free, we have to pay them somehow but in less price than you do. For instance the 10$ riot points gift code will cost us 3$. Offers is the only way to pay for those codes, so when you complete an offer is like paying for your code but it's actually free for you. All you have to do is spend few minutes of your time. When you complete one of the offers for our advertisors, it pretty much pays your riot points codes. We will be providing you riot points codes, unless you bypass the offers.
    • Posted on January 31.2014 - Development
    • Hello, we would like to announce you officially that our website will have from now on a new sponsor. We have restored all our old gift codes with new ones and we will keep doing this as soon as we are out of codes and sponsors (this will take some time to happen). Our sponsors tho are giving us those codes in exchange our visitors completing one short offer before they download their gift code. We accepted that term as it is really worth it. I personally tried to complete one of those offers and it took me around five minutes. So it's up to you! Please do not try to get our code illegal by using hacks. If offers aren't getting completed, we will lose our sponsors.
    • Posted on January 31.2014 - Development
    • We're really sorry! We have issues with database where all announcements were stored. This means that announcements are pruned automatically instead of manually (sort of). Well there's nothing that we can do about it, to restore old announcements. But it's not important as much as we might be thinking. Enjoy Free Riot Points Codes and share our website with others!
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